Is your coach the best? View the #CYTB Leaderboard

By Emma Drew

October 27, 2011

Is your coach the best? View the #CYTB Leaderboard

Our new competition ’Coach, you’re the best!’ is well under way, going into its second month with 52 coaches nominated to win the prize of £1000 of vouchers for sports equipment, with more than 3,300 people having voted!

At 4pm Thursday the top 10 looked like this:

604 – Andrea McCully – Ice Skating coach
561 – Gillian Otterson – Ice Skating coach
241 – James Wilton – Rowing coach
226 – Seamus Reynolds – Rowing coach
200 – Rob Lowe – American Football coach
187 – Lois Miller – Cheer Leading coach
147 – Debbie Saunders – Gymnastics coach
125 – Roxanne Edmonds – Cheer Leading coach
101 – Erin Rigby – Lacrosse coach
80 – Elliot Chmielinski – Cricket coach

But this could still all change! The competition runs until the end of January 2012 and so there is still plenty of time to nominate and vote. Perkins Slade arranges insurance for more than 100,000 coaches and instructors throughout theUK and we want to see as many as possible nominated.


The ‘Coach, you’re the best’ competition is an opportunity for you to say thank you to that special person who has made you better at your sport, helped you to win a medal or just makes it fun. Check now to see if your coach has been nominated by using the ‘Select a Coach’ drop down on the right. If your coach has been nominated click the ‘Vote’ button to register your vote.

If your coach hasn’t yet been nominated simply click on the ‘Nominate a Coach’ button to email us their name, accompanied by a brief post explaining why your coach is the best and a photo, or video if you have one – sending video and photos may help to get your coach noticed and earn more votes!

We will then upload your submission onto our blog site; the more votes a coach receives, the more chance they have of winning! So don’t forget to tell your friends and fellow team members.

Read our full competition terms and conditions. You must have the permission of the person you are nominating.

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