Perkins Slade Mock Liability Trial – Kettle Dale Cricket Club

By Emma Drew

March 5, 2014

Perkins Slade Mock Liability Trial – Kettle Dale Cricket Club

Perkins Slade, Berrymans Lace Mawer and No.5 Chambers host a mock liability trial.

Pictured left to right: Richard Doubleday, Managing Director, Sport & Recreation at Perkins Slade, James Harvey, Partner at Berrymans Lace Mawer (BLM), Brett Watson, Executive Director, Tennis Industry Association, Chris Wiggin, Partner at BLM.

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The Kettle Dale trial saw claimant Richard Croft pursue the defendant, Kettle Dale Cricket Club, for damages for an injury he received whilst helping out at the club. Law student Richard, sustained a head injury from a “rogue” ball whilst tending to the off-field.

This exciting event, held at Edgbaston Stadium, welcomed over 90 delegates representing all levels; Heads of Sports National Governing Bodies, independent practitioners, coaches, instructors and volunteers, covering a vast range of activities; golf, swimming, martial arts, fly dressing, dancing, tennis, camping and caravanning and shooting.

The barristers from No.5 Chambers, Rupert Beloff and Malcolm Duthie supported Chris Bright QC in making the Kettle Dale trial as realistic as possible; with a touch of humour to keep us all engaged.

Early on in the proceedings delegates voted in favour of the claimant (71% vs 29%), after taking to the stand and providing his evidence this changed to 58% in favour of  Richard Croft. This shift in the voting highlights the importance of evidence in practice, the power of witness statements and having a robust risk assessment procedure in place.

After much deliberation HHJ Chris Bright, QC returned his verdict based on the facts, explained that:

  • He found Richard NOT to be an employee of Kettle Dale Cricket Club
  • Kettle Dale Cricket Club was not liable because they had undertaken a sufficient risk assessment.

James Harvey, partner at Berrymans Lace Mawer, said,

“Mock trials are always incredibly successful events, enabling us to highlight important issues in an interactive and compelling way. Our joint trial with Perkins Slade and No. 5 Chambers gave us the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the uncertainties of the litigation process and the detail that is required to defend a case.”

Richard Doubleday, Managing Director of Sport and Recreation at Perkins Slade added,

“I am delighted that so many of our clients and prospects were able to join us. The event emphasised the importance of having robust systems and procedures as well as comprehensive documentation and witness evidence to support your club or organisation.”


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