Are you considering GAP Insurance?

By Emma Drew

February 23, 2015

Are you considering GAP Insurance?

Are you thinking of buying a new vehicle? Perkins Slade can offer GAP Insurance (Guaranteed Asset Protection) to purchase directly from our website.


GAP Insurance provides you with financial protection in the event of a total loss claim to your vehicle and pays the difference from the insurance payout, so you are not left out of pocket.

There are a range of GAP covers available to suit your requirements:

  • Purchase Price Protection GAP – In the event of a write off, this returns you to the original invoice price of your vehicle
  • Finance/Lease GAP – Clears your outstanding finance/lease charges in the event of a write off.

Why GAP insurance from Perkins Slade?

Motor dealers must charge 20% Insurance Premium Tax on their GAP policies, however as an insurance broker, we are able to apply the standard Insurance Premium Tax rate of 6%. This already gives you a premium saving of 14%.

We also recognise that many customers prefer a GAP policy that lasts for 12 months and is renewable, just like a motor or home policy. This gives you the opportunity to reassess your requirements each year.

For more information regarding GAP insurance or to obtain a quote please see the link above. 


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