Public sports venues reduce their insurance deals under new anti-terrorism scheme.

By Emma Drew

November 25, 2015

Public sports venues reduce their insurance deals under new anti-terrorism scheme.

The sports industry constitutes as one of the largest events sectors in the UK, generating millions of pounds in terms of investment, sponsorship and revenue. In this time of uncertainty, there are far greater disruptions besides from the perils of bad weather to consider during events.

The government’s policy on counter-terrorism states that the threat level for terrorism in the UK still currently stands at severe. Sports arenas and commercially owned public venues are at a higher risk than ever before, becoming an attractive target for terrorist activity due to the high profile nature of these events and the large number of crowds they often attract.

Sports arenas and other public venues including: shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, pubs and cinemas will benefit from the Crowded Places scheme. This is a new financial insurance initiative which has been jointly developed by the Home Office, the police and the private sector to ensure cover continues to be provided to reduce the damage caused by acts of terrorism. The scheme introduces a detailed guide to those who are responsible for the security management at public arenas to identify and keep risks to a minimum.

The insurance industry plays a prominent role in insuring many major sports events. The National Counter Terrorism Security Office have developed an assessment tool for organisations of public venues to review their security against the threat of terrorist attacks. Security measures include arranging informative briefings from the Specialist Counter Terrorism Security Advisors to venue owners and staff across the country to ensure they are prepared in the potential event of a terror attack.

Public venues who choose to comply with the Government’s Crowded Places programme will benefit financially from the scheme to reduce their insurance costs by applying for loss mitigation credit insurance, providing they improve their current risk management and security measures.

Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley commented “This scheme is an excellent example of the police and private sectors working closely together to keep people safe from the threat of terrorism”.

More information can be found on guide on Counter terrorism protective security advice for stadia and arenas.

How we can help?

Perkins Slade can arrange event insurance against cancellation and abandonment, property damage and legal liability. Additional options include cover against adverse weather public liability and terrorism.

If you would like further advice on insuring your event, please contact your usual Perkins Slade representative.

Alternatively you can contact Andy Goulbourne, Associate Director of Sport and Recreation on 0121 698 8057 or email on

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