Black Friday begins! – Tips on safe shopping this season.

By Emma Drew

November 27, 2015

Black Friday begins! – Tips on safe shopping this season.

Black Friday is back! The biggest shopping day of the year returns, when retailers drastically reduce the price of their stock ahead of the festive shopping season. However, it isn’t just the consumers who benefit from Black Friday but this day also creates the perfect opportunity for thieves.

This year’s Friday frenzy on November 27th 2015 expects to see a high increase in online sales which is predicted to exceed last year’s figure of £810 million. With Cyber Monday following just three days after Black Friday, this is thought to bring the total sales of the shopping weekend to over a £1bn.

Online security remains a very current topic, major retail events like Black Friday provides the perfect opportunity for fraudsters who could pocket up to over £600,000. These tricksters entice shoppers by creating fake websites offering bogus deals on this year’s most sought after Christmas gifts and high end designer brands. Other fraudulent methods include dubious email and text scams or by placing false listings on genuine websites.

How to stay safe online:

  • Check the validity of a website before browsing.
  • Look for any spelling mistakes or poor graphics which could indicate the site is fake.
  • Avoid opening unsolicited emails containing links or clicking on flashy pop ups which could direct you to a scam site.
  • Make sure the website URL is displayed as HTTPS (and not HTTP).
  • Read customer reviews when using unfamiliar websites.
  • Use payment verification systems such as “Verified by Visa”.
  • Avoid using someone else’s computer to make a purchase which may not be installed with a protective security product.
  • Use a credit card instead of a debit card as most credit cards offer protection against fraud.
  • Look for the padlock security icon before transferring a payment online.
  • Use alternative payment methods such as PayPal, gift cards or pre-paid credit cards.
  • Use a secure password and change this regularly.
  • Protect your computer by installing Anti-Virus or Firewall security.

As well as online security, shoppers should be extra vigilant when out shopping on the high street, which is a prime target for opportunistic thieves. Shoppers should keep their handbags and personal belongings safe and carry a credit card instead of large amounts of cash.

If you have become the victim of an online scam you should report the crime to Action Fraud.

How can we help?

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