The night rider’s guide to cycling safety

By Emma Drew

January 7, 2016

The night rider’s guide to cycling safety

While the darker nights are here to stay for some time, summer doesn’t necessarily need to be the only time to enjoy riding your bike.

Over the past few years popularity for night cycling has risen, seeing an increase in demand for bike lights and visibility equipment.

The shorter amount of daylight hours during winter has encouraged many workers to combine their daily commute home with their love of cycling. In addition, the cost of bike lights has dropped in recent years making them a much more accessible purchase for many people.

Night cycling creates a sense of freedom, with quieter roads and with fewer drivers around;  it keeps you motivated during the dark winter months, opening up your evenings to a whole range of experiences, rather than spending a night in front of the TV set.

Tips on staying safe when night cycling:

  • Correctly fit your bike with bike lights (white for the front and red for the rear) and ensure they are angled to the road.
  • Place reflectors and flashing lights on wheels, pedals and on your bike helmet.
  • Avoid cycling in dark unfamiliar routes and instead opt for well-lit areas.
  • Wear high visibility clothing such as an illuminated jacket, ankle band or a strap.
  • Shadows can often obscure the vision of the road ahead and other hazards, so try to avoid them if you can.
  • Keep your eyes focused on the road rather than your surroundings.
  • Call out to other riders as you approach them.
  • Look out for hazards such as potholes which are harder to spot in the dark.
  • Be aware of people opening and closing car doors.
  • Be conscious of pedestrians, dog walkers, domestic pets and other animals.
  • Cycle on designated bike lanes where possible.
  • Always wear protective cycling gear in case you fall or are knocked from your bike.
  • Keep a first aid kit and ICE contact details with you if you become injured.

Bike lights have greatly improved over the last ten years are a worthwhile investment that will see you enjoying bike riding all year round.

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