Is your precious jewellery underinsured?

By Emma Drew

February 11, 2016

Is your precious jewellery underinsured?

Whether you are planning a proposal or treating your loved one to something sparkly this Valentine’s day, make sure your new purchase is insured.

Jewellery is one of the top gifts received each February but according to research from Halifax almost a quarter of home owners do not have contents insurance cover in the event their treasured possession is lost, stolen or damaged.

Insurance cover shouldn’t just apply to new purchases as the value for jewellery brought years ago may have increased in value since the price of precious gems and metals fluctuates year on year. It is advisable to have jewellery such as wedding bands and engagement rings re-valued every three or five years to ensure your possessions are not at risk of being under-insured.

Tips on keeping your precious jewellery safe

  • Don’t keep your jewellery in obvious places like a jewellery box or branded gift box as this is the first place a thief would look.
  • Keep jewellery in a secure unapparent place or in a safe or a fire resistant container.
  • Have your possessions appraised by a qualified jeweller for insurance replacement purposes.
  • Take extra caution when wearing gloves as rings and bracelets can easily snag on fabrics.
  • Don’t put jewellery in pockets which could become lost or damaged when clothes are put through the washing machine.
  • Take extra caution when wearing or removing jewellery near sinks.
  • Maintain your jewellery to ensure clasps are secure and loose gems are fixed.
  • Keep a copy of your receipt of purchase along with a photograph of your item to give to your insurance company in the event you need to make a claim.

Contents insurance cannot replace the sentimental value of your lost, stolen or damaged jewellery but it can at least alleviate the financial loss incurred.

How can we help?

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