Spring into action to protect your home this Easter

By Emma Drew

March 24, 2016

Spring into action to protect your home this Easter

As the evenings become brighter and the buds start to bloom, the first signs of spring have arrived and as we wave goodbye to those dark winter days it isn’t just the Easter bunny who could be paying your home a visit.

The warmer temperatures could see people heading outdoors, or leaving their homes unattended to make a last minute Bank Holiday getaway. Over the Easter Bank Holiday your home could become vulnerable to thieves waiting for the perfect opportunity to give your home a “spring clean” of your valuable possessions.

According to the Association of British Insurers, over £15 million of claims were paid out last year for over 100,000 home burglary related cases.

If you are going away this Easter:

  • And you have alarm protection, ensure wiring is concealed to prevent a burglar disconnecting the security system
  • Use outside security lighting to deter intruders
  • Never leave keys hidden outside or in a shed or leave keys in window locks
  • Keep expensive garden equipment stored in a shed when not in use secured by a padlock or mortise lock
  • Always lock windows and doors at the front and back of your house, even if you only leave your house for 15-20 minutes
  • Secure windows and doors with good locking systems.
  • Store pedal cycles out of sight.
  • Leave a car on your driveway, if possible
  • Ask a neighbour to check your house and collect your post from outside
  • Don’t leave an answer phone message or post comments on social media indicating you are away on holiday
  • Cancel magazine and newspaper subscriptions and your weekly milk delivery while you are away
  • Keep expensive items out of sight of passers-by peeping through your windows
  • Conceal and dispose of any branded packaging of expensive items brought recently
  • Take photos of valuable items as evidence for when making a claim

 How can we help?

For further advice or to check the cover of your home  insurance policy, please contact Private Clients on 0121 698 8070, or email them on privateclients@perkins-slade.com

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