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Keep your technology safe and secure when travelling for business

By Emma Drew

August 17, 2016

Keep your technology safe and secure when travelling for business

Advancements in technology have made business travel easier in recent years but there are still a number of security risks to consider before travelling including cyber-crime which is a growing concern for many businesses operating overseas.

Cyber criminals conduct their attack through numerous sophisticated methods to obtain sensitive corporate data through phishing, whaling and other forms of social engineering.

Before travelling it is advisable your company carries out a risk assessment to ensure company information is safe and secure whilst working overseas.

Failure to implement appropriate security measures could result in data loss and lead to a breach of confidentiality, damage to business reputations, financial losses and compromised client relationships.

Tips on keeping your technology safe when travelling:

  • Do not leave electronic devices unattended including mobile phones as SIM cards could easily be removed by someone to make expensive calls from your account.
  • Ensure locks are secure in your hotel room to avoid someone breaking and entering to steal your valuables.
  • Be cautious when using public networks in hotels and cafes as pop ups could be malicious spyware.
  • Entities in foreign countries have been known to create fake security updates when a user connects to the local network and then installs malware and spyware to the user’s computer.
  • Ensure your computer is installed with the latest anti-virus, spyware, security and firewalls.
  • Before you travel it is wise to email yourself electronic copies of your passport, travel documentation, driver’s licence and credit cards in the event these items are lost or stolen. Therefore you must ensure your email account is locked by a password only you have access to.
  • Clear your internet browser after each use.
  • Never store valuables or electronic devices in checked luggage.
  • If you run into trouble keep the phone number and address of your Embassy or Consulate in the country you are visiting
  • Be cautious when speaking to strangers who could be probing you for personal information and be aware of your surroundings as conversations may not be private.
  • When you return from your visit review your computer system and electronic devices for malware and change all passwords including voicemail.

Travel is a necessary requirement for conducting business agreements overseas and should be a legal obligation of organisations to ensure both staff and company equipment are protected when working abroad.

Travel insurance can provide protection to cover the costs of stolen technology and cyber policies can also provide valuable access to specialist resources in the event of a loss of data or system failure, but you should check with your insurance provider first before you travel to ensure business travel is conducted as safely as possible.

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